Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Happy Hump Day

Happy Hump Day. We are playing hookey today! Arielle actually TOOK a nap at pre-school yesterday - so I knew she was still exhausted from the trip. She's been sleeping in a bit late for her, so I let her skip school today. I'm still in my PJ's! Somehow I always manage to get her dressed even tho I'm still not. LOL. I've never been one to let me kids go anywhere without clothes on, shoes on and their hair combed. When my son was small, 3-4 years old, and we would go to the grocery store, he would see a kid with no shoes on and tell me "He doesn't have shoes on". I'd say - yeah - I know. I can't imagine. Unless the mom actually carried them every step of the way, thru the parking lot (usually hot in the summer), and everything - I can't imagine. Now the HAIR? Can we twalk? How hard is it to spritz down little boys hair that is sticking straight up from being slept on and comb it down. Really, how hard is that. Do these people not SEE that their child's hair is mussed? okay, okay, boy - how did I get on that subject??

Well, I'm still deciding on what WDW photos to order from Shutterfly to begin working on albums. Yes, albums. One for Arielle and one for Daniel. NOW I wish I would have paid more attention to people's Disney albums. How in the world am I going to do this? So many photos and I'm a slow scrapbooker!

Well, I was just taking a break from finishing up some projects. Soooo many things to get done, get mailed, get uploaded, and get submitted. Still recovering from having the house in shambles for the new flooring AND leaving a week later for vacation. But, that's okay, right? At least Arielle's hair is combed... or is it? Arielle, bring me your brush!

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