Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Now we all have to get used to putting 200 "7" on everything we date.

I'm working hard on CHA-W 2007 projects and can't wait to be able to post them. What a wonderful show this is going to be. I'm counting the days. It's been, er, well... I can't say exactly how many, but quite a few years since my last visit to Anaheim. Here I am in the this photo. I'm the brunette in the front seat next to my blonde sister.
I love that my dad took lots of photos. They were all done in slides and I used to gripe about them on being on slides. During the past few years I would take them in for print processing until I learned to scan them. Then he surprised us all and send them somewhere and now we all have them on CD. High quality. LOVE this b/c I had to use one recently and the color wasn't right - so I changed a yellow dress to pink. Call it altering history if you'd like.
One more new and wonderful scrapbook related happening for me. I've been asked to join the Dream Street Papers Design Team! I recently worked with their papers for a challenge in the Pub Calls Challenge. Check them out.
My daughter said the following to her daddy yesterday morning: "Daddy, I need to go to the mall. I want to thank Santa Claus for all my presents".
awwweeeeeeeee. I suggested maybe we send a card since he's on a long vacation now.
Happy New Year!


ruthimus said...

COngrats on Dream street. Where have I been??

Celia said...

CONGRATS girlie!!!!!!!! :D

Can't wait to see all your CHA stuff!!!