Monday, September 11, 2006

September - Almost Fall

Wow - can you believe it. In 2 more weeks it will be officially the "fall/autumn" season. Tell that to the weather in Louisiana. My daughter started pre-school classes last week at a new school. She asked me Friday if she was going "tomorrow" and I said "no". She said "why". "Well, because your teachers won't be there". I guess that's a sign that she loves her new school.

I may not be updating my blog again for a few weeks. It's "busy season" for scrapbook manufacturers, and I've already warned hubby that it's going to be crazy for a couple of weeks.

here are some pics from last week. My daughter on her first day at pre-school, and then my son in his new jeans. It's really hard to find cool jeans that fit him b/c the cool clothes he wants are all in grown up sizes. He ended up with 2 pair of these. I like them so much I want him to find some for his dad. Have a great week!


tasra said...

Great photos! Love those jeans...he seems pretty proud of them too!

Found your blog through Maria's UHU blog.

Donna Bryant Durand said...

Beautiful pictures Mel - glad all is going well!!

Nice jeans!