Thursday, May 11, 2006

Spring photo shoot

My son had an art show at one of the local museums. He's in the talented art program. I wonder where he gets it from.. For some reason he only wanted me to go with him. Maybe he didn't want his little sister running around the museum eating all the pizza and cookies. Anyway - we went. The art by all the students was just awesome.

We turned the trip into a photo shoot. I don't have any spring photos of my son because I never got the sping photos that they took at school. The spring photos are always the best. Well, I'll never know. Why?He threw them away. Yes, that is what he said. He didn't like them. Okay - so I'll have to take his word. Even so - I have no new photos of him. I can't believe he cooperated. Maybe it was because I told him he looked cool. Maybe because I let him wear the pink jacket. I don't know - but he totally got into this photo shoot. I think he'll let me take more pics of him. Maybe it's because he's growing up.

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