Sunday, April 16, 2006

Eggs, More Eggs - Me thinks it's Easter

I snapped these pics right before we headed to church. Believe it or not - Daniel's shirt is a NEW shirt specifically for Easter Sunday, and I had a time getting him to put it on.

We went to the park for an egg hunt, well, not actually a hunt - since the eggs were just laying in the grass. It was more like a pick up as many as you can before they are all picked up game. And my little darling left 20 eggs laying at her feet to dash to the end of the field to pick up one egg, and enjoyed every minute of it.

And if we didn't have enough eggs..... The kids did the egg coloring thing this weekend. Glitter eggs, sticker eggs, egg dye kits - but nothing works better than good ole food coloring. We did them all.

And I'm happy to say that eggs aren't just for hiding, finding and using in salads. The kids found that you can:
1) Use them as ear muffs
2) Use them as ipods
3) Pretend they are mutant seashells.

Eggs, glorious eggs.

Earlier this week I took the little miss to Biedenhard Gardens for some pics of her in her easter dress.


Tara said...

Your DD looks so beautiful in her green dress!! Looks like you had a fabulous time!

Julia said...

Great pictures Melanie!!!

Fiona Carter said...

Gorgeous photos Melanie!