Thursday, March 02, 2006

It feels like SPRING already!

Don't hate me. It has been the absolute most BEAUTIFUL spring-like weather here this week. I say "don't hate me" because in 4 months we will be melting. We never get snow, and when we do get ice - people her don't know how to drive in it and wreck their cars and injure people. But - today the weather was beautiful!! Around 6pm this evening, I realized I needed to take some photos (duh - how can I forget about my new camera??). So, even tho the sun was going down - I snapped these. Jasmine was having fun digging and trying to catch dirt clods that Jeff was throwing at her. She was moving so fast that I only got one good photo of her. Arielle was in the sandbox - a sandbox with PINK sand, mind you.

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